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Examples of My Work


Writing Sample — Instructional



Kansas State University Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative




I collaborated with several colleagues to gain funding for this project and then create the content for an open textbook titled Workplace Writing: A Handbook for Common Workplace Genres and Professional Writing Strategies. The excerpt below is from one of the chapters I collaborated on. The full text is available through New Prairie Press.
New Prairie Press Logo
Workplace Writing Textbook Cover Image
 Records/Documentation You may find yourself frequently having to keep records of the work you complete. These records are sometimes called documentation. While you should consider any workplace document a record that will be kept, there are workplace genres specifically designed for record keeping. This chapter will cover several common forms of recordkeeping and documentation:
  • Agendas
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Logs
These kinds of documents are meant to serve as a record for work that has been done, or in the case of the agenda, what needs to be done. They are informative and generally objective in tone. Internal and external audiences should be able to follow the documents. In short, they should:
  • Provide you and other group members with a record of work or decisions.
  • Provide outside readers with a clear understanding of events or work.
While some organizations may call these kinds of documents by different names, most places will have some kind of documentation that will serve similar functions to the three described in this chapter. Rhetorical Context Companies keep records and other forms of documentation for numerous purposes. Many use records to understand and improve their operations. They may use documentation to assure everyone on a project maintains clear lines of communication or to understand what went wrong or well with a particular project so that they can avoid mistakes and continue effective practices. Others use documentation to assign credit for work done well or blame for problems that arise.

Writing Sample — Landing Page

Willow Hill Kennels Home Page
[Headline] Breeding Quality for Over Forty Years   We raise AKC French Bulldogs for pet-seekers and breeders. French Bulldogs, or Frenchies, were historically bred to be companion animals and continue to make excellent lap dogs. Playful and fun, yet not overly hyper, Frenchies are great pets for many households. Please explore the site to learn more about the breed and our dogs. Our gallery will allow you to see current or past litters along with their parents. We have over 40 years of experience breeding dogs and matching them with customers. If you have any questions about the breed, feel free to call or email. Save


Willow Hill Kennels – AKC French Bulldogs



Home Page / Landing Page

I created content for the client’s website including a welcome page profile of the kennel and a brief introduction of the breeder. Content was drafted in MS Word and then integrated into the client’s website. Below, you can see the text as drafted in the MS Word document.

Writing Sample — Sales Copy

BeeZen Logo
Hammerdog Games
Body Copy: A great gaming screen can be adapted to just about any game a GM needs it for. But this isn’t just a great screen. It’s The World’s Greatest Screen. You can adapt it to whatever game you’re playing, but also make it useful for your players.   Do your players tend to get in brawls at their favorite tavern? Print off or draw a map and place it in one of the exterior pockets. When the brawl happens, fold the screen and set your tokens. Someone knocked over a lantern? Dropped caltrops? Use a wet-erase marker to show it on the map.   TWGS isn’t hung up on tradition and can be customized as a reference guide for games that don’t typically call for screens, but may otherwise have you flipping through a rulebook.   TWGS fits standard 8.5×11 or A4 sheets and can be purchased in either portrait or landscape orientation. We also have a mini version with 4×6 panels.    


Hammerdog Games



Sales Copy

Bee Zen was redesigning a website for Hammerdog Games, a small gaming supply company. I wrote a few possible alternatives for product pages while copy-editing content.

Writing Sample — Newsletter



Net Activity Monthly Newsletter




An IT service company wanted newsletter articles to help clients understand their services better. I wrote several articles for the client and integrated them into the layout of the newsletter. The excerpt below is from 2010 explaining the concept of cloud computing.
Net Activity Website Image

Cloud Computing and You

The term cloud computing is a buzzword in IT and business, but what does it mean? The “cloud” in cloud computing often refers to the networks that make up the internet. The definition of cloud computing often varies between individuals. Loosely, cloud computing refers to using data functions or services that are stored at separate location (cloud) whether the server room or a third party provider.  

Different Clouds

We can define three types of clouds: private, semi-private, and public. A private cloud exists in a private network. Terminals provide access to data and applications on a local server. In some ways, this sacrifices the cost saving benefits of cloud computing because the company still has to purchase and maintain the equipment and software. However, this model gives many of the functional benefits while maintaining the security and data control benefits of a private network. Semi-private, or hybrid, clouds combine aspects of the private cloud with the public model. When internal servers become stressed or when additional applications or data services are needed, they can be obtained from third party providers. The public cloud is composed of services and applications provided by third parties. Many would argue that this is where the benefits truly come into play. Some providers bill on a subscription based model, while others bill on a utility model similar to that of a telephone bill. Services and applications are accessed via a web browser, meaning that subscribers are able to use the services regardless of the device used for access. Mac, PC, even smart phones can utilize cloud based applications. Additionally, users can access them anywhere they have internet access.

Benefits and Limits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers money saving opportunities to companies. Instead of purchasing and storing equipment and software, companies can rent what they need from a third party provider. This also frees them from the costs from management of equipment and software. Cloud computing also provides companies with immediate access to a wide range of services and applications. While cloud computing offers the opportunity for savings, it is best to weigh the expense of hosting the services or applications within your company against the provider’s service cost. Clearly, cloud computing isn’t a solution to everything. Your company will still need terminals, printers, desktop support, internet access, and a firewall. Other things that should be considered before using public cloud computing services include:
  • Reliability – Is the vendor likely to provide reliable service?
  • Compliance issues – Data security compliance can be difficult with a public service, particularly when your business has to comply with standards such as those for medical records.
  • Lack of standards – There are no set data standards between vendors, sometimes hindering interoperability between services from different providers.
Terms and conditions of vendor agreements should be carefully reviewed. For example, Google Apps gives users limited rights to the applications they create. Additionally, Google “reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions” of the agreement “at any time.” The service and data can be removed any time, without notice. Google also retains rights to place ads. Deleted information may stay on their servers for several weeks.

Create Your Own Cloud

In the near future, Net Activity will be offering two services:
  • Hosted Private Cloud: We will provide a complete solution of hosted servers and support for your network.
  • Private On-site Cloud: We will provide servers, computers, and Microsoft licenses at your location.
Public Cloud computing services are likely to become more commonplace in the future. Ideally, they will provide low-cost services to a wide range of companies and consumers. For now, there are still issues that need to be considered before jumping in.